Mawel Soler basketball trainer and coach STACK Sports Mahwah

Coach Mawel Soler

Basketball Coach/Trainer

Played Professional Basketball Overseas for 10 Years

Coaching Certifications:

“Progress over perfection. Keep moving forward that’s how you reach your goal!”

About Me

Mawel Soler is a well-traveled retired professional overseas basketball player for over 11 years looking forward to the next step in his journey. Throughout his career, Mawel has had great fortune to have played in countries like Colombia, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, FYR Macedonia, Kosovo and his homeland Dominican Republic that resulted in All Imports second team honors finalist of FYR Macedonia Domestic Cup and LNB . As a proud graduate of St. Patrick’s High School and Bowling Green State University, Mawel had the opportunity to be coached by nationally renowned staff.

Mawel looks forward to using his experiences and mentors’ guidance to contribute back to the youth. In efforts to emulate those who contributed to his success, Mawel looks forward to spending time teaching the game he loves. Though it may seem cliché, Mawel’s advice for any prospective athlete is “you get what you put in”. Mawel is excited to meet future ballers on the court.

Mawel’s love for basketball started when he played for St. Patrick’s High school in Elizabeth, NJ – where NBA star, Kyrie Irving, also attended.  Both were under Coach Kevin Boyle, now at Mountverde Academy , winner of three National High school Championships. During this time, Mawel had the opportunity to play with Carmelo Anthony, Lebron James, Randy Foye, and Lue Deng.  

Mawel is excited to be part of STACK Sports Training Center where he can share incredible diversity in his basketball training techniques and basketball IQ he intends to use to transform the aspiring athletes of today into the basketball stars of tomorrow.