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8 Keys to Becoming a Great Shooter in Basketball

While there are many important skills that a basketball player can possess, such as excellent passing or great balance, being an expert shooter is one of the most necessary. Private Basketball Training is a great way to learn to shoot the right way and get the reps needed to improve.

Below are eight keys players can focus on to learn how to shoot the basketball.

One key players can focus on is their mental toughness. Being able to shake off a bad performance or the taunts of the opposing team can be of great benefit to players. Everybody misses shots at some point, and being able to move on from this and have the confidence to continue to shoot the ball consistently can make for better shots in the future.

Another key is to have good shooting fundamentals. Learning and keeping fundamentals sharp can make a good basketball player even better, as they make up the basics of shooting. Sticking to what is simple and working, instead of what is fancy and flashy, can make all of the difference.   

A third key is to have quality shot selection. Any player can toss the ball up from any part of the court; it is the truly exceptional ones that know the best times and places to shoot, with the most effective results.

A fourth key is to understand game flow. There is a time and a place for every type of play, and the best players are the ones that understand when to hold the ball and when to do something with it.

A fifth key is to practice shooting at game speed. Nothing compares to playing in a game, but the best players attempt to emulate that feeling by participating in up-tempo shooting drills that imitate game situations. By perfecting shooting in such a high-intensity environment, players can become significantly better.

A sixth key is learning to move without the ball. Excellent players are able to be active and constantly moving, either getting open for a shot or setting a screen with the intent of getting the ball back. This can allow for uncontested, and easier, shots.

A seventh key is to have good conditioning. The best-conditioned players are able to run longer than defenders, allowing themselves to get open more often.

An eighth key is to understand scouting reports about opposing defenders before games. By learning about opponents’ strategies and preparing countermeasures, shooters can take better shots than the defense may be prepared for.

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