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One of the finest teachings and pieces of advice given by Head Coach Mike Tobin of Cartersville High School in Georgia is to be orderly. At all times during practice and games, be organized. Creating team objectives is one of the most effective methods to stay coordinated. Outline your coaching objectives, player objectives, and team objectives. Setting these objectives and preparing an assault around them is an excellent first step toward team organization and discipline at all levels.


Players don’t worry about what vital information you have until they know you genuinely care about them. Seth Eilberg, the Head Basketball Coach at The Hill School in Pennsylvania feels this way. Building a trustworthy relationship allows you to train children and enable them to achieve their greatest potential.” This is excellent advice for life in general. When you love and demonstrate that you care, players and others believe in you as a trainer and as a person. It’s one of the most natural methods to earn someone’s trust.


Don’t Over Coach

Over coaching may appear straightforward, yet it is an easy trap to slip into. John Aguilar, the head basketball coach at Rye High School in New York warns to not over coach. Set your athletes in a situation to read and respond to the other side if your side is more competent. You shouldn’t have to call a lot of plays or attempt to “out-coach” the other coach. Trust that everything you’ve learned in practice will translate to the game.


The most essential element of teaching basketball has nothing to do with basketball, according to the greatest advice I’ve heard and worked out through time. There are a million potential ways to approach the game, according to a college coach I know, because the mix of offensive and defensive tactics is nearly limitless. The key thing is to get to know your players, find something that works for both of you, and then concentrate on having everyone on the same page and dedicated to your goals. The dedication element is crucial, and so a team’s success is dependent not just on skill but also on the group’s trust and willingness to sacrifice oneself for the greater good of everyone.



Imagine working with a group of people who seem to have boundless energy. As a coach, I’m sure you’ve seen those players who seem to have an endless supply of energy. Mike Jones, the head basketball coach of St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes School in Virginia, is a firm believer in a well-conditioned squad. His high school provided him with the greatest guidance. When he first started coaching, they advised him to keep things simple and ensure that my TEAM was in good shape. They would also argue that a well-conditioned squad that is tough and interacts on defense and plays unselfishly on the attack is a TEAM that is extremely difficult to beat. At St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes, he prefers to play in this manner.


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