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How to Get an AAU Coaching Certification

If you want to coach any sort of AAU sports team, including AAU Basketball, there are a few steps you must follow before you can gain the right to do so. Most people should find this procedure simple if they care about children and enjoy basketball. The simplest and most straightforward step is to join the AAU as a non-athlete.

How to get an AAU Membership

Step 1. To join AAUSports, go to their website and fill out the registration form. Following the completion of your username and password, you will be given the option of selecting the type of membership you wish to receive. In the case of a coach, it is critical to choose between non-athlete and coaches.

Step 2. You will be enrolled on the site once you have paid your $15.00 AAU membership fee. In the event of a non-athlete, though, a proper investigation will be required. Because this background check might take up to ten days to complete, try to plan ahead of schedule if you want to qualify for coaching positions.

Step 3. Once your background check is passed, you will be an approved AAU non-athlete member with access to numerous resources to help you get started as an AAU coach.


How to start AAU Basketball Certification

After completing the process mentioned, you may access the certification program as a paid non-athlete member to become an AAU coach. The next stage in becoming a coach is to complete the Positive Coaching Alliance course, which will show you the foundations of how to coach today’s children while adhering to the AAU’s regulating standards. There are 3 stages of coaching certificates available right now:

Double-Goal Coach I: Coaching for Winning and Life Lessons

Double-Goal Coach II: Culture, Practices, and Games

Double-Goal Coach III: Developing Triple-Impact Competitors (AAU)

All squad administration, club executives, and coaches will benefit from this Double-Goal Coach training program, which will provide them with the tools they need to assist young athletes in growing.

PCA’s online program is chock-full of effective coaching techniques based on cutting-edge sports psychological science and elite coaches’ and players’ “best practices.” This is an essential course for all coaches who want to excel in their careers and shine throughout.

As part of their AAU membership, all enrolled coaches will complete this free program. The AAU is delighted to be a leading company in young sports and anticipates becoming a pioneer in coach education in the coming years.

For AAU members who are enrolled, the program is completely free. The course contains engaging video and audio sessions with some of our age’s top athletes and coaches. A certificate will be awarded to those who finish the course with an approval rating of eighty percent or above. Each year, you’ll be able to progress to the next level of success while teaching your players valuable skills. 


You may begin your Level 1 coaching certification by going to this website after receiving your AAU Membership ID number.

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