So what exactly is the zigzag drill?  The zigzag drill is a simple drill to perform, but it can be challenging, which makes it perfect for athletes of varying abilities .

To perform the drill, a line of cones or other markers are set-up spaced about 3-5 feet apart. Have the athlete start at one end of the line and zigzag their way to the other end, touching each cone with the outside foot. As they zigzag, the point is to move as quickly as possible while maintaining balance and coordination.

To make the zigzag drill even more challenging, the distance between the cones can be increased or a ball can be added to either carry the ball or dribble as the athlete does the zig zag drill. Different foot patterns can also be incorporated such as a crossover or between the leg dribble for added benefit and challenge.

This simple, but effective drill has a myriad of benefits and should be incorporated into basketball training. For one it increases agility since it forces the body to change direction quickly and efficiently. Additionally it helps tremendously with balance and coordination since the athlete is moving quickly and changing directions and may help to reduce the risk of injury by strengthening balance and coordination. This drill also helps with speed as the athlete needs to accelerate and slow down quickly throughout the drill. Lastly, it helps with footwork as that is the primary focus of the drill.

On top of all these functional benefits, it can also be used to improve your cardiovascular fitness. It is a high-intensity exercise that can help to raise your heart rate making it a well-rounded drill.

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