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Like with many sports, the first thing anyone thinks about when discussing a sport is the physicality of the sport and what it entails to be physically skilled and elite.  However, basketball isn’t just about crossovers, dunking the ball or impressive ball handling.  While physical skill is undeniably extremely important, the psychology of basketball plays
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What is the “one-and-done” rule in college basketball ?   The rule mandates players wait a year after high school before entering the NBA draft.  This rule has been debated for a long time. Those in favor argue it fosters player development, while critics see it as detrimental to the college
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The NBA has introduced some new rules for the 2023-2024 basketball season. Some of the rules were related to the player participation policy. Other policy changes affected the coaches who can now challenge goaltending and out of bounds plays which were previously not in scope. Another change was the in-season
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In running a youth basketball training and AAU program, there is often an overarching philosophy or organizational culture that needs to be put in place and at the forefront is determining whether the emphasis of the program will be on learning basketball or winning and having a winning reputation.  Over the course
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When scouts attend games live, or watch tape, they are looking for uniqueness in their athletes. One notable trait that impresses time and time again is the ability to dominate a sport ambidextrously! However, many athletes prioritize developing their skillset favoring their dominant hand. However, purposely being mindful of using
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To maximize the potential of successful basketball tryouts, there are things that need to be worked on ahead of tryout day. For one, basketball tryouts can be physically demanding, so it’s important to be in relatively good shape. Assuming you have played basketball for quite a bit of time or
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So what exactly is the zigzag drill?  The zigzag drill is a simple drill to perform, but it can be challenging, which makes it perfect for athletes of varying abilities . To perform the drill, a line of cones or other markers are set-up spaced about 3-5 feet apart. Have the
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Travel around many affluent and urban park communities alike and you will find something that is common everywhere.  What is that you ask?   Pick-up basketball!   Pick-up basketball is a casual game of basketball that is played without formalities such as referees or coaches. Ground rules are dictated and managed by those that
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While the NBA is certainly entertaining, there is a new game that has been steadily rising in popularity and that is 3:3 basketball. The great thing about this  game is that athletes of all ages can play it from amateurs to professionals and even made its way to the Olympics!  Additionally,
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Summer Basketball Camp Bergen County NJ | Rockland County NY
While the summer is often a time for vacation and traditional style camps, a focused Basketball summer camp is a great way for kids of all ages to improve their skills, learn new techniques, and have fun playing a game they love. Before talking about why a basketball summer camp
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