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There are many benefits to AAU Basketball and it has become more popular then ever because of them. Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) basketball has long been utilized by parents to get their children extra playing time and training. AAU teams, which are most often travel squads, can provide extra games
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Oftentimes, children and young adults will have the opportunity to participate in sports through their schools. These are very important activities to partake in, for a number of reasons and most of them translate into very positive effects of youth sports. One reason is that participating in school sports can
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Youth sports are great ways for young athletes to get active. However, they have a number of additional benefits that make them valuable ways for participants to spend their time. According to experts, female high school athletes are 92 percent less likely to take drugs and 80 percent less likely
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Youth sports have a number of benefits for participants. School is of course more important than sports but they do go hand in hand. Sports can be so influential youth athletes and that is why many offer youth sports in schools.   One benefit is that children who play youth sports have
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Adversity is something that most athletes will face at some point in their lives. Whether it comes from losing a big game, from making a mistake that costs his or her team the championship or from not getting much playing time for one reason or another, adversity is an issue
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Most your sports are team sports and require players to demonstrate good teamwork. The players who make up a teams must understand what teamwork is, in order to really experience and be successful at the sport. Teamwork is hard for most youth athletes to really understand because it is human nature to
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In many sports, players being explosive is of key importance. For example, in football, the more explosive a player is, the faster they get off the line of scrimmage and get involved in the play. Because of this, it is quite desirable for many to take part in explosive power
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In training, there are many methods one can take to get stronger or keep fit. However, some of them may cause an athlete to plateau, or be unable to advance any further. One mistake people make in training that can cause them to plateau is trying to improve everything at
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Introducing resistance training to young athletes has been gaining popularity recently. Resistance training focuses on improving athletic performance by straining and strengthening muscles through weight lifting and other similar exercises. While some parents are understandably worried about starting their young athletes in such exercises too early in life, they can
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The famous saying, “When the going get tough the TOUGH get going” is the most positive way to respond to adversity. This saying, which was said by John F. Kennedy’s father Joseph, helps people rise to the challenge when circumstances do know go in their favor. A career in youth