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Ways to Motivate Player in Basketball Practice

Despite the lot of efforts of coaches and trainers, many players do not show their commitment and motivation during basketball practices. The coaches try their utmost and exert the fairly large energy to get players to take part in the routine drills and exercises and execute their best during games. However, the players do not take their game seriously. They keep indulging in unimportant and superficial things and display half-hearted performances even in the main events. Their indifferent and sedentary behaviours are affecting coachability to a greater extent and having a bad impact on the overall environment of a team and its desired achievement. Therefore, a dire need to discern and find out demotivation and disheartening attitudes amongst the players and address them with concrete and substantive measures. Indeed, to motivate the players to participate in the practice as well as matches with acute vigour and energy, the coaches and other concerned people, especially parents, need to buck up them. Thus, a substantive and efficacious set of steps have to be taken based on the well-thought-out strategy and analysis.

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Admittedly, every team does confront some problems owing to a few bad players who always try to create things aggravated in one way or the other. At first, you need to keep them at bay so they could not influence other players. This can be done by means of a vigilant eye on them. Following are a few important and effective ways to motivate players to perform in their practices with unwavering commitment.

  • Reward the team for ‘team’ efforts:

Undoubtedly, team colleagues and peers play a crucial part in motivating a companion. They have been found the best stimulus and source of impetus. Instead of reprimanding all the team members, it would be a prudent approach to single out the mischief-maker causing a disturbance for the entire team. You should buck up the majority of your players by praising and rewarding them for their handwork on the court. You need to start out this approach during a practice session, and the subsequent result would be quite encouraging.

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  • “Set a goal with the team before each game.”

As a good technique, you can set a goal for every player especially making a pass while performing in practice or match. Regardless of the outcome of the practice match, even in the form of loss, you must appreciate the skills of the players. This would help motivate players to a larger extent. As a coach, you can set multiple goals asking for an individual as well as collective efforts to put in achieving them. The significance of basketball practice should be made realized as regards the competitions you need to be positive all the time.

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  • Have fun at basketball practice: 

Tell all team members that practice does matter significantly; however, they are going to do it with a lot of amusements and fun. In this way, a player would be taking part in the practice with a different set of mind. Not only he or she works hard with motivation, but she also has fun during the basketball practices. This type of technique is quite essential, particularly for young players, because this will provide them with a chance to be enjoying their practice coupled with fun and excitement. They will learn with a high level of motivation.

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  • Simple Encouragement:

Cheering and uplifting players during the basketball practice yield phenomenal results. You should engage yourself by telling the players how good they are doing and improving with a positive result. Indeed, it is incredible to see the desired output by simple encouragement. Getting praiseworthy comments from a coach, players start working even hard during the basketball practice. Thus, you can reinforce their commitment and achieve the desired and consistent results.


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