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Youth Basketball – What Parents Need to Know

The Basics:

Youth basketball is a sport played between two teams with two hoops on the opposite ends of the court. The height of the baskets may vary depending on the heights of the kids, age, and the league they play for. My child is in the 3rd Grade, and he plays on a rim that is 10 feet tall. Every child is different from one another, either its height, weight, or the leagues they play for.

  •     Five players from each team are always on the court, making it a total of ten players.
  •     Depending on the position of the ball, all players get to play offence and defence during the game.

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Time Commitment:

Unlike baseball and softball, basketball has a strict time limit that follows a ticking clock. That is why it won’t interfere with your meal timings. Games played by Youth leagues consist of two halves, with each lasting no longer than twenty minutes. High school and senior leagues play four 8 minutes quarters, with each quarter finishing as the whistle blows and the clock stops. To encourage everybody to participate, every player has to play a minimum amount of time in the recreational leagues so that nobody sits on the bench for too long. All must be given a chance to play and practice. Basketball is a complimentary game to several different sports. There is a lot of jumping, drilling, and practice involved, like in volleyball. On the other hand, court vision, passing, and team sports are more similar to soccer.

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What other sport is it more like?

Basketball has certain attributes similar to many other sports, like a lot of jumping in volleyball; however, it is most similar to soccer as it is a team game with a lot of passing and court vision.

Traits that make a good basketball player?

Jumping Ability: It doesn’t matter if you’re tall, as long as you can jump; it’s a sport you can play as well as anybody.

Quick: That doesn’t mean you have to be fast. You have to make quick leaps as opposed to long jumps.

Being Tall: It’s not mandatory but having a longer outreach is helpful.

Anticipation & Court Vision: If your kid is sharp and focused, they will be quick to judge where the ball will end up. This will improve their passing skills and steals.     

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What you’ll love about basketball?

  •   Indoors: One never has to worry about rain, thunder, lightning, or using sunscreen. As a parent, it does provide you with a certain peace of mind.
  •   Self-Training: As long as your child knows the drills for dribbling, agility, jumping, and practicing shots, you don’t have to worry.
  •   Action Packed: Unlike soccer or baseball, every kid on the court will be involved, and there will be a lot more scoring. Even when nobody is willing to pass the ball to you, a wrong pass can quickly end up in your hands.

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What will you hate about basketball?

  •   Competitive: As it is not an exclusive sport and easily played in the playground, many people in America play this sport as compared to others.
  •   Constant Dribbling: Once your child falls in love with this sport, he’ll be practising all day long and all over the house.
  •   Expensive: If your kid is perfect and makes it to a league, there may be quite a few out-of-town tournaments, not to mention out-of-state tournaments. Buying new shoes, socks, and gear may cost you a pretty penny.
  •   Injuries: They are minor, but they do happen. Straining and spraining of the ankle is the most common, not to mention the occasional eye injuries.


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