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The Rise of 3 vs 3 Basketball

While the NBA is certainly entertaining, there is a new game that has been steadily rising in popularity and that is 3:3 basketball. The great thing about this  game is that athletes of all ages can play it from amateurs to professionals and even made its way to the Olympics!  Additionally, formal leagues like the BIG3 have been established that has many former NBA professionals take part in it.
So, what are the things that make 3:3 basketball different from what is considered traditional basketball?  Let’s explore the differences!  For one, it is  played on a smaller court and with less players it is more challenging physically and definitely more strategic. The players knowing that they will be performing for short bursts of time  usually leave all they have on the court making the games really competitive and ententating.  It helps sharpen the player’s skills too since the need for communication and coordination among team members  is even more important with less players on the court.  
Next let’s discuss the reasons for the rise of 3:3 basketball. Given the intensity of 3:3 basketball, it is a shorter game than traditional basketball, which makes it more convenient for players who have busy schedules. The 3:3 basketball games can be as short as 10-12 minutes, compared to 40 or longer minutes for a traditional game.  It is also a sure fire way to improve your basketball skills. The smaller court forces players to make quick decisions and requires a tremendous amount of communication.  Since there are only a few players on the court it is a great way to get in shape while having fun.  
If you are looking for a challenging and exciting way to play basketball, then 3:3 basketball is a great option for you. What’s so good about 3:3 basketball you ask?   It is a very fast-paced game, which makes it very exciting to watch and play. Also, it is a great way to improve your individual skills and you will also get a lot of practice defending and rebounding, more so than traditional basketball.  An additional benefit of being in an actual 3:3 basketball league is meeting new people who share your interest and love of basketball.   The best part is finding something you love that is also physically demanding and will help you get and stay in shape.
Think that 3:3 basketball is a right fit for you? Well then come prepared to be a good teammate that focuses on communication and cooperation with your other teammates to make the most out of scoring opportunities.   3:3 basketball is the time to be aggressive on both offense and defense. Make sure you have enough gas in the tank!  Lastly, be versatile and dynamic in your play all while having fun.  
Stack is exploring putting together a 3:3 League in 2024.  Comment below if you think you would be interested in joining and get your teams ready!
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