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Good Attitude in Youth Sports

Although skills and abilities are of key importance in sports, one could argue that athletes’ attitudes are just as important. A positive mental attitude is one of the many positive effects of youth sports.

If athletes play with good attitudes, they can make the best out of a bad situation, like a blowout loss, and attempt to learn from it. They can ensure that they are having fun while also acting seriously, trying their hardest while also enjoying themselves.

If athletes play with bad attitudes however, the outcome can be much different. Bad attitudes can cause athletes to sulk when they don’t get the playing time they desire, or if they lose a big game. They can make an activity that should be both challenging and enjoyable into one that athletes dread.

Listed below are a number of ways for athletes to improve their attitudes.

One way is for athletes to have confidence in their abilities thanks to repeated practice. The more athletes work on a specific skill, the less likely they will be to fail in their assigned task during a game. This can give athletes something to work toward.

Another way is for athletes to have good emotional conditioning. Negative emotions can adversely affect athletes, clouding their judgment and causing irrational decisions to be made. By mastering their emotions, athletes can be better on and off the field.

A third way is for athletes to have high self esteem. If athletes have coaches who build them up instead of tearing them down after a mistake, self esteem will grow. This turns into confidence, which can allow athletes to play without fear of failure.

A fourth way is for athletes to have a good sense of humor. Making mistakes is never fun, but the experience can nullified somewhat if athletes are willing to laugh at themselves after making a silly decision or play. While it is not a good idea to be flippant about mistakes, getting bent out of shape over small errors is no way for athletes to live.

A fifth way is for athletes to be around positive people. Athletes can be weighed down by the people around them, just as they can be boosted up the same way. By surrounding themselves with the right types of people, athletes can feel better about any problems that might occur.

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