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5 Crucial Lessons that Basketball Taught me about Having the Discipline


Sports provide a host of lessons and benefits thereby improving a sports person’s life considerably. Similarly, Basketball teaches a number of significant lessons. To become a successful basketball player, you need to acquire certain traits and characteristics. Physical and mental fitness are essentials in addition to firm determination and Commitment. By means of sports activities, you can keep a good shape, enhance physical stamina and brain activity. Basketball like other games also teaches you how to work as a team and attain team goals conveniently. I had a lot of such experiences while playing basketball and underwent a different critical phase. However, over the period I learned a lot, especially discipline. 

There is no denying the fact that basketball can be a foundation of a sound, healthy and strong personality particularly by means of discipline. Undoubtedly, basketball provides a lot of crucial lessons whereby you can have a great deal of discipline. A good athlete being disciplined keeps thinking as to whether he or she is doing his or her best by consistent performance. A basketball player can learn a number of lessons playing basketball, however, the following are 5 crucial lessons that you can learn about discipline. 

Discipline is the foundation of improvement for anything you do 

Indeed your success in doing anything requires relentless consistency. All walks of life need persistent efforts whether it is writing a book, making a sale, dealing with software and hardware work, or playing any sports. If you are hardworking and consistent you can get through in attaining your goals. History is evident with such people who had the discipline in their field always remained ahead of others. Thus, discipline plays a vital role in your life that you can learn from the basketball game. 

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Discipline is a Lifestyle more than anything else

As a matter of fact, discipline teaches how to manage your ideas and happiness in any circumstances. It also teaches to be optimistic and positive in controlling emotions. Similarly, the development of a lifestyle also depends on discipline. Unfortunately, most people do not feel its significance and overlook its importance.  you can not acquire this quality all of sudden, instead, you will have to undergo regular practice for becoming an effective and disciplined player, a writer, or a musician. It is well said that practice makes a man perfect. 

Discipline can give you an edge over talent

It is a known fact that hard work never goes unpaid and nothing can waste it. Moreover, not everyone is born with a talent, though it makes an initiation into an activity or profession. However, the discipline provides mental and physical strength and stability thereby you get focused on your goals. There is a huge difference between people who rely on talent only and do not think of any discipline and those who are not talented that much but believe in hard work and continuous practice. If you are lacking in any kind of talent but doing things daily to improve your skills you would have an edge over those who have talent without consistency. 

In fact, as a basketball player, I was not the best team member during my school college days. However, I remained consistent and showcased my persistent performance satisfactorily, and gave my 100% effort daily during practice. I came over my weakness by means of discipline and commitment in respect of my game. Thus, I beat talent by showing my hard work and controlling on nerves. 

Discipline is enhanced through the people you surround yourself with 

Certainly, the bad habits of your friends and colleagues would have a greater impact on your life. This has happened with many people like me. I as an athlete never compromised with my regular practice with discipline. However, I used to get disturbed, rather deviated from my discipline life whenever my non-disciplined and non-athletic friends came to meet me. Thus, the group of people or a company of friends do matter in respect of your discipline. 

Discipline shows you how you do anything is how you do everything 

Admittedly, our one particular habit affects largely our complete routine too. Similarly, our behavior is influenced by the things we carry out in our daily life. It is true that the improvement we are making would definitely have an impact on other things simultaneously. Thus, your discipline life would have cascading effects in your every walk of life. 

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Discipline can be regarded as a foundational brick of any building. Thus, in our life, every moment passing day by day has to be disciplined to erect a well-built and sustainable edifice. Consequently, we would have a well-disciplined and successful career.

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