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Top 10 Coaching Tips for New Basketball Coaches

Undoubtedly, every new or inexperienced basketball coach needs fine-tuning. They need to learn a few essential tips at the start of their coaching career. There is a host of effective techniques which can help coaches to have a considerable impact on their coaching start and their players. They need to start out with certain techniques like preparation, detailed orientation, learning on the court under mentorship, having an assistant coach, a drill bank, session planning, to be on time, a continuous professional development, act as a team manager, and attend a few senior coaches. These tips will help enhance a new basketball coach’s confidence and fill the instant gaps, especially in understanding the new job and its intricacies. 

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1. To find a mentor: 

If you are a new basketball coach, you need to take the help of a mentor. When you are on the basketball court with a mentor in your initial days of coaching, you would feel confident enough. A mentor during the initial days can help provide a lot of help to learn how to control and manage a large number of players. 

2. To find yourself an Assistant Coach: 

Functional basketball Coaching tips also include finding yourself as an Assistant Coach. This is one of the best tips because it will help you with team management. Moreover, the assistant lessens your burden to keep a vigilant eye on a large number of active players on the court. 

3. To compile a drill bank: 

There are many ways to develop a drill bank. In this regard, you have a host of sources to find and create a drill bank using the internet and search for various websites regarding basketball coaching. Furthermore, there is a specific option of YouTube where you can watch a few drills pertaining to basketball. You can also save your search results for ready reference as and when you want. 

4. To undertake session planning: New basketball coaches should undertake 

session planning. Before embarking upon the different practice sessions, you should make a beforehand plan for a streamlined execution. A new or inexperienced coach often finds it difficult to handle various types of exercises and drills, especially when there is a huge number of players taking part. If you have session plans properly undertaken in advance, it will help you manage the overall training aspects efficiently. 

5. Find the equipment you need:

 It is vitally important to access the necessary pieces of equipment required for practice, particularly prior to training sessions. This aspect is often ignored, causing thereby disturbance during the training sessions. This means your preparation as regards the required equipment should be complete for your practice session.

6. Be on time, all the time:

 In the functional basketball coaching tips, this is the essential prerequisite for every coach, especially the new coach, to be on time. Once you have decided to become a basketball coach, your commitment needs to be unwavering. You will have to be on the court all the time, during team activities. 

7. To undertake some professional development opportunities every year: 

Learning coaching and its training is a continuous process. To become an experienced and professional coach, you need to undergo various courses and training every year. In this way, you will keep learning new skills and enhancing your experience and knowledge.

8. Find yourself a person to act as a Team Manager: Besides being a coach, you should also participate in the planning and preparing team activities. You need to amalgamate the team management and court planning at the same time yourself. 

9. Try to become an Assistant Coach or attend some seniors’ training: 

If you want to learn quickly, you will have to join some seniors and coaches. For this purpose, you need to find some spare time to become an assistant coach and seek a few coaching tips from senior coaches regularly. This will undoubtedly accelerate your skill development. 

10. Learn to ask for help:

At the very outset of your coaching career, you will find a good number of people willing to help you with basketball coaching issues. You can discuss your questions with the coaches at associations, clubs, or schools. Moreover, you can also find many online forums in this respect where you can deliberate your complicated coaching matters with more seasoned coaches.


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