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How to Reduce Basketball Injuries

Injuries do occur in almost every sport, and Basketball is no exception in this regard. Thus, injuries and sports involving physical activities go hand in hand. It is true that injuries can be minimized but can not be done away with completely. Despite regular training, exercises, and strict compliance with the trainer’s instructions and precautions, injury prevention is impossible. 

Nevertheless, there is a host of measures whereby players can reduce injuries and risk gravity. Therefore, it is vitally important to keep training and concentrating on conditioning by means of improving physical movement and minimizing happenings and intensity of injuries. 

Furthermore, as a player or coach, you can work out substantively to lessen occurrences of injuries concerning the lower back, knees, groin, ankles, etc. However, there are a few certain contact injuries, at times, involving stitches that can not be tackled through training due to their serious nature. In fact, these contact injuries are related to bone fractures and head-to-head blows like concussions. Considering the seriousness of such damages, the experienced coaching staff in association with physiotherapists devise safety plans accordingly. They provide evidence-based advice to the players for safe participation in games and exercises. 

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Tips to Reduce Injuries

As a good coach, you can work on your crafts persistently with the purpose of improving the conditioning and strength of your basketball players. In this connection, you need to spread a clear message to the players about protective, meaningful, and prudent training approaches with inventive methods while conducting coaching sessions. Undoubtedly, there are numerous techniques whereby players can avoid the severe blow, thereby reducing the injuries during competitions. Moreover, every basketball team has also got specialized physiotherapists responsible for providing efficacious expert fitness advice to lower the gravity of injuries.  


Pre-season Program

Many coaches and physio staff conduct pre-season programs in a phased manner as regards the fitness camps. These comprehensive programs have proved too effective, especially in imparting good techniques to avoid occurrences of injuries. These programs include distinct techniques focusing on mobility work and strength in respect of ankles and feet. These drills are carried out on the court to develop different skills. For instance, these on-court exercises involve a landing, deceleration, acceleration, jumping, pivoting, and cutting for ensuring perfect execution during match competition.

To deal with the risk of injuries caused by a multitude of corresponding factors

It is not necessary that a player injures himself owing to instant causes during matches. Injuries can occur due to a multitude of other factors such as muscle imbalance, poor posture, an old injury, genetic variances, and cumulative fatigue. For instance, there is a player in your basketball team with flat feet medically termed as the fallen arch in the foot. For this reason, you need to evaluate your on-going training program instantly. Having evaluated the current program of training, as a coach, you will have to redesign a simple and easy practice session accordingly. As a matter of fact, you have to make sure of such steps, thereby reducing the chances of severe injuries to a maximum extent. In this connection following necessary steps need to be taken. 

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Firstly, every formal match and practice should precede with a detailed workout and necessary instructions. Your training must include proper footwork for acceleration, deceleration, jumping, landing, pivoting, and cutting. In addition to these exercises, perform basketball strength drills, especially as regards feet, ankles, knees, groin, hips, shoulders, and lower back. Moreover, you need to take care of players’ proper rest and recovery after carrying out such a comprehensive pre-match workout. Having performed these above drills, players get tired, which might cause the chances of injuries. In this regard, it is quite essential to allow players for proper respite to reduce physical and mental exhaustion.

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