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Basketball on the Edge – How to choose the correct basket coach, program, and camp for youth players


How parents can choose an appropriate camp, coach, program for their child:

Today we would like to address a significant issue when it comes to young player’s participation in basketball. How to choose the correct program, coach, camp, is the million-dollar question. Let’s begin with what kids want from participating in sports. Here is what kids have to say about participating in sports.

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  • Trying their best
  • When the coach treats players with utmost respect and courtesy
  • Getting ample amount of playtime
  • Playing together as a team
  • Getting well along with other teammates
  • Exercising and being vigilant on field
  • Win and success
  • Earning medals and trophies
  • Traveling to new places for playing

You will notice kids want to be active members of the game and want to build connections that sports provide. Winning comes way down the list. The goals of kids and parents must be aligned with the coaches for a better outcome. As adults we fall prey to winning and losing while the real motive behind sports input is on the back burner. We want our kids to be part of famous and expensive teams that win tournaments and travel miles to play in elite tournaments. Victory, getting trophies, and travel might be what we think kids aim for. They mostly desire to outperform, give their best, have teammates, and most importantly have fun. Set your priorities according to your kid’s preferences and choices.

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 What do kids want in a coach?

 Here we will talk about what qualities kids look for in a coach.

  • They look for respect and encouragement from the coach’s side. 
  • The coach must be positive and a role model for kids
  • Must be clear and consistent
  • Communication and interaction
  • Knowledge of sports
  • Must be a good listener

 Kids demand emotional support to create a safe environment which helps in learning the game and thus, improving their specific skills. Coaches have the ability and capacity to produce athletes for a lifetime. There is a lot of power in the hands of a coach. Quality of behavior is vital for a kid’s growth. Coaches yelling at officials, using foul language, berating kids, and discouraging sportsmanship will certainly add up to the behavior of a coach.

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 Certain guidelines to follow for selection:

  • Try to find a program, camp, coach that emphasizes fun, enjoyment, skills development, and character-building over winning. If everyone flocks in for a side for organizations putting winning at first, we will turn off tons of kids before reaching middle school.
  • Ask the coach or program director about coaching and program philosophy. It must be related to fun, skills development, and character-building at sports. If talks revolve around winning, just walk away. The win must be a by-product of the right program.
  • Watch out for the coaches in the organization to scrutinize how they communicate with other parents, players, officials, and coaches. Look for how they interact and listen with other parents and players. In this way, you will get a better insight into the type of role model your child will have.
  • Does the coach have the mindset to grow? If they have the right mindset, they will encourage players to make mistakes and then learn from them. The coaches will guide through the mistakes for a better understanding and learning.
  • Where are the games being played? Kids don’t pay any heed to travel required to play. They don’t have sightseeing, they just aim to play. Parents have to decide upon it. The younger the kids the more local games should be.
  • The coach should be a man of teaching. This is the way kids learn the game best. They will develop good habits that will stick to them for a lifetime.


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