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5 Basketball Drills Kids can do at Home

The drills used for the preparation are no different than what young athletes should be doing in their homes. A player of all ages goes to practice sessions to train themselves for one week or a whole month. This will certainly help the young players to develop and improve their skills but our main objective is to send players away with things to work on each player at home as well. Whether it is an NBA All-star or 10 years old trying to develop and improve his game of sports. Extra works on the main basics fundamentals of basketball are quite significant. 

Here are some of the useful and handy drills for ball-handling, shooting, and developing footwork that children can develop and improve on their own, most likely at home. It can be practiced throughout the year by staying at home. Always, remember that training plays an important role in reducing the risk of injury.

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Ball Handling Drills:

Bounce, Crossover Dribbling Set:

Players can practice this anywhere on a flat surface either inside or outside without any requirement of the hoop.

  • Stand with feet shoulder-width apart by using a basketball, knees should be bent in an athletic position
  • Dribble hard with your right hand, following another dribble with the right crossing the left over the left and then back to the right.
  • Repeat the 3x with each hand for more practice.

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 Straight Lines Cone Series:

  • Line up a series of cones in a straight line for the practice. As a player moves through the cones, making a move towards the cone with strength. Stay low to the ground and maintain the forward momentum.
  • The cones should be considered as a defender. Rotate through the various moves at each cone. Make moves inside-out, cross-over, behind the back, and others.
  • Move at the game speed and thus, work to handle the ball at the game with great intensity. This drill can be practiced anywhere.

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Shooting Drills:

Squat Shooting:

The biggest key to successful shooting for any player is the ability to get low and more use of legs in the shots. A lot of work on the footwork is the key to it. Numerous young athletes rely way too much on their upper body to shoot the ball. This drill is brilliant to ensure players are getting low and utilizing their lower body in every shot. This drill greatly emphasizes getting low in every shot. 

  • The players will shoot short-range shots from different spots around the courts: corner, top, wing, and opposite corner.
  • In every shot, take some time and exaggerate the squat before the shot, then go through the shooting motion from the position.

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Around The World:

The objective of the around the world drill is to shoot game-speed spot shots from various spots and distances. It is done to build a player’s game and thus, improve overall shooting.

  • The Player will shoot short-range shots from five different spots around the court: corner, top, wings, and opposite corner.
  • Players will be able to ‘make’ or ‘shoot’ a specific number of shots.
  • Catch the ball low, with balance, and thus, ready to shoot.
  • Work on adequate footwork, release, and follow through on each repetition.

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Footwork & Agility Drill:

Quick Feet with Slide:

They are significant in basketball and it’s something which can easily be practiced at home. Basket is all about footwork, balancing, and the variation in speed, and by training the feet to move more swiftly and quickly.

  • Begin in a good athletic stance with feet-shoulder width apart.
  • Begin chopping the feet fast for seconds.
  • Do a hard defensive lateral slide in a single direction for 4 or 5 steps
  • Back to the original position and repeat it.


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