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Top 10 Basketball Training Tips

Practice makes a man perfect. If you want to achieve great success in basketball, you must train in the best way possible. A lot of people train for a long time, however, they do not train the correct way. You should train smartly, not hardly. In order to elevate your game to the next level, you must know how to train efficiently. Here are some tips that will help you learn how to properly.

1. Ask your coach about your weaknesses

You cannot improve your game unless you are aware of your weaknesses. In order to know what weaknesses you have, you must ask your coach to guide you. Tell your coach to be completely honest with you. Be ready to hear whatever the coach has to say. Do not argue what the coach says and accept your strengths and weaknesses. You will see your game improve in no time when you know what to work upon. 

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2. Plan your training

Plan your training and create a schedule. Do not just head into the gym without knowing what you have to do. When you have a plan in your mind, you will find it way easier to train. Make sure you stay consistent and follow the schedule. Following the schedule will make your training a lot more efficient and you will see the results very soon. 

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3. Do not miss any training

As told before, being consistent is the key to becoming better at basketball. Treat your Basketball training and gym workouts like your doctor appointments. No one would ever miss their doctor appointments, right? Just like that, don’t miss your training. Make a schedule and follow it no matter what. 

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4. Practice a lot of shooting

Everyone should know that the best way to improve your basketball skills is to become better at shooting. The importance of shooting in Basketball is immense. Winning and losing depends on whether you can shoot or not. You must learn to perfect your form, and practice a lot of shooting. 

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5. Keep track of your shooting

One thing that you can do to improve your shooting is to keep track of your shooting. Track every shot you make and every shot you miss. Make sure your shooting log is as detailed as possible. Keep updating the log after every workout and see what differences you have made. 

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6. Train under game-like conditions

The best way to become better at real games is to play in game-like conditions. Yes, shooting training helps make your individual skill better, however, you will not become better at teamwork and many other skills unless you play games. Playing practice games will make your game sense better and teach you what mistakes you are making. If you manage to play well in these game-like conditions, you are good enough to perform well in real games.

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7. Use a shooting machine

If there is a shooting machine available to you, use it. These shooting machines are incredibly useful and will increase your shooting agility by a lot. You will be able to make a lot of shots in a very short amount of time with a shooting machine. Give it a try. 

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8. Maintain your weight

It doesn’t matter what sports you play, you should always maintain your weight. Especially as an athlete and as a basketball player, where you have to have good physical strength. Do not lose a lot of weight and do not gain a lot either. Keep a balanced weight and make sure you are fit.  A fit body will also be more resistant to injuries. 

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9. Look after your diet

You should be eating a lot of healthy food if you want to make your game better. Eating junk food will never make you healthier. Research about what things you need to eat and what things give you the energy to sustain all the training and workout. Stop drinking colas and other high sugar drinks. This will give you an edge over other players.

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10. Watch Basketball

Playing is not the only way to learn basketball. In fact, you can learn even more about the game by watching how the professionals play. Watch and support your favourite teams, but also study how they make their plays. Study how your favourite basketball player plays and try to imitate them. 

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