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5 Tips on Being a Great Leader in Basketball

A large part of my professional growth is centered on leadership, in addition to continuously discovering new exercises, drills, and training approaches. I have hundreds of papers on the topic of successful leadership, folders full of notes and handouts, and I have subscribed to numerous weekly blogs on the subject. For as long, I’ve been captivated with the traits that create great leaders. One of my main goals is to continue to develop my own leadership abilities.

I really feel that today’s game, particularly among today’s kids, suffers from a severe lack of leadership. Basketball is a team sport that relies on both coaches and players to command.

Here are five qualities that make for good leadership:

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Learn From Your Mistakes

You must make smart decisions and take assessed risks to be a successful leader, and you will almost definitely make mistakes along the road. Accept them. Take notes from them. Don’t make the same mistakes twice! These errors can occur both in the classroom and on the court.

Good judgments lead to success. Experience helps you make good judgments. Bad decisions give you experience.

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Lead by Example

In today’s society, the ancient saying “do as I say, not as I do” is no longer valid. You must demand it from yourself if you expect it from the folks you lead. Before you hold anybody else responsible, you must first hold yourself accountable. You must be punctual if you want your teammates to be on time. If you want them to be familiar with every strategy in your playbook, you must be familiar with them as well. People will notice whether you desire to be a leader.

Carry out your responsibilities. When it’s time to do it, do it. Do it to the best of your ability. Make it a habit to do it this way at all times.

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Put Others’ Needs First

Sympathy and empathy are critical qualities in effective leadership. It is negatively tough to be both selfish and a great leader. Do you perform for the board or the scorebook if you’re an athlete? Do you want to compete for the title on the front or the back of the jersey? Do you pay attention to your players’ opinions and views if you’re a coach? Engage your teammates and players with respect and real concern.

No one is interested in how much you know unless they are aware of how much you care.

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Have Confidence

You have total power over your attitude, and it will impact everything you do in your lifetime. A positive outlook aids in the development of confidence. Without being condescending or boastful, you must have a strong sense of self-worth and be assured of your skills. It may seem cheesy, but being a successful leader requires you to feel good about yourself. No one will follow a person who does not have confidence in themselves. A good work attitude and being prepared is bound to give you confidence. If you’re not confident in your ability to win a game, it’s because you know you didn’t do everything you could to prepare!

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Set a High Standard

You may expect it from people you supervise if you do everything to the best of your abilities. You can hope your colleagues and players do so as well if you are always on schedule, train tirelessly, and put your entire essence into every practice, exercise, and game. However, you must trust that your teammates and players are capable of meeting this level. A strong leader will inspire their followers to do the same. You want to be the sort of leader that inspires others to reach new heights. Exceeded expectations and then show them how to get there!


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