Sports scholarships are hard to achieve as it is. Every year, thousands of high school basketball players prep to earn a college basketball scholarship. Only a handful are awarded Division I and II. These scholarships are handed out to individuals who demonstrate a perfect blend of talent and perseverance in class and the gym.

You may be a top player in your school but competition is tough when it comes to college basketball scholarships. But unless you’re a five-star prospect or an extraordinary talent, you should not lay back and believe coaches will come running to recruit you. It is estimated that nearly 550,000 boys played high school basketball in the year 2010, among which, 150,000 were seniors. There are approximately 5,000 NCAA freshman roster positions available in a given year. In this regard, only 3.33 percent of high school players can earn these spots.

Sitting down and letting the whole recruitment process take its course can become one of your biggest regrets if your scholarship is denied. There are numerous ways to improve your chances of getting a college scholarship and here are a few tips.

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Play AAU Basketball

It is essential that college coaches notice you. They can’t do that by visiting all the high schools in America. AAU allows an opportunity for players to be seen. Coaches can visit there and see hundreds of players over a weekend, all in one place.

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Grades Matter

As cliché as this saying may sound, it is still very much important. College coaches prefer athletes with good grades. They boost graduation rates and enhance the team’s GPA. Recruits are first supposed to register themselves at the NCAA Eligibility Center. Here, your coursework, grades, test scores, and amateur status are evaluated and considered if you are eligible to play at the college level at all. The entire process is painless and it informs you beforehand if you have all the information required for processes later.

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Be Self-motivated

It is highly important that you are motivated for this long commitment. Are you someone whose parents worry more about if you have worked out today? Coaches pay attention to players who have the inner drive to be resilient with what they want to do. They notice players who don’t need to be pushed at every turn so instead of having your parents do all the efforts, start doing it yourself. Plan your own schedule and make sure you stick to it. Register yourself for the NCAA eligibility, don’t wait for someone to push you to do it.

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Be a Good Teammate

Coaches search for athletes that can put up well with fellow teammates. As an important factor to win is being a team player, you must develop abilities that benefit your situation. You can be an outstanding player but still, lose the game if you’re self-centered and disrespectful with your team. If you’re a respectful and approachable person, the coaches may prefer you over someone who plays better than you but acts like a jerk.


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