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4 Keys to Being a Great Basketball Coach

To make your youth basketball team shine bright throughout the season, you need to focus on enhancing your capabilities too. Only an All-star basketball coach can help achieve their team an All-Star experience! Here are 4 ways you can focus on being a great basketball coach.

All-Star Qualities

Sportsmanship: Basic courtesy and manners are the essences of sportsmanship. You can use your practices and games to incorporate these etiquettes, such as players shake hands and make eye contact with officials and opposing coaches, and give high fives to opposing players.

Teamwork: You must instil the importance of unity in your team players. They must be encouraged to be selfless and supportive teammates as they are key factors in staying together and taking over the opposing team.

Positive Attitude: There do come stages when players cannot maintain the affirmative attitude required during basketball. Assist your players to get over it and force them to keep a positive attitude, as they need it to succeed.

Respect: As a coach, you are a role model for your players and are always being watched. How you interact with fellow coaches will influence the behaviour of your players with their opponents. Remember; pay respect and get it back. That’s the rule. Make sure your players understand the importance of respecting coaches, officials, and other opponents.

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Practices are considered the most important part of a young player’s profile building. You must design practices that advocate competitive drills as they do a better job in preparing players to compete in real games. Whatever you practice, it portrays in your game.

Individual Skills: Incorporate drills that focus on maximum contact with the ball for a player. Games like dribble knockout are an effective example. Each player has their own basketball. When the game starts, every player must dribble constantly, stay in-bounds, and try to knock away the ball from other players in the game. As they lose control of the ball or go out-bounds they’re eliminated. During this, the boundary continually decreases. When only two players are left, they play the ‘finals’ in the free throw half circle.

Team Concepts: This can be achieved by making even teams, and conducting 10-minute tournaments using actions like the pick and roll. Keep 20-second timeouts and let players teach themselves how to make the playwork.

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 Game Strategy

Keep It Simple System (KISS): You might think that you need numerous practice drills and intricate systems to win games. However, basketball is a simple game. You can achieve commendable progress by establishing just one or two alignments, and three or four actions. Young players can master their games through these techniques easily. Trying KISS in your next practice will ensure instant improvement from your team!

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 Make All-Star Memories

Taking part in youth sports has a lot to do with what the child will grow up to be. It assists in young people’s development. You must make sure to make it an experience that they remember with positivity. Have a post-game ritual of getting together for ice cream or pizza, or even attend a movie together. Your players will remember these memories more than the score of some game on some Sunday.


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